)i( Mush – the Book

Basically, ‘Mush’ – the book – is nothing but a bunch of emails which is an account of how two people met without ever having met. Deb from Australia, Mik from Denmark. But it is also an account of a personal revelation. Neither of us had ever realised that words alone, words scribbled quickly in emails and chats, and sent to a pen pal on the other side of the globe, could build themselves up to something which were to become a beautiful and inspiring land of our dreams and fantasies, Mush – an imaginary place which turned out to have a powerful effect in our “real” lives as well.

‘Mush’ – the book – passes on the experience that life in cyberspace can enhance the quality of our lives in the real world if we only are able to use and explore the potential of this new tool that communication technology has given us. In particular: its potential for dreaming with open eyes.

The message of Mush is simple: even if you are a realistic, humble and modest person, that shouldn’t keep you from dreaming big dreams. As such, it is one of our modest dreams that this book would become the flap of a butterfly that started spreading out this message, eventually causing a friendly tornado, saying:
Yes to dreaming with open eyes.
Yes to the internet.
Yes to writing, playing, expressing your inner self, sharing with someone in a virtual world.
To let creativity loose, and to have no fear.

A message that ticked in on Mik’s mobile from Deb.

The illustration on the right, above, is a draft demo of the book cover


The book will be published with a CD entitled ‘Golden Melodies of Mush’.

These are the chapters, so far:

Preface   On a personal note
              Welcome message
              Magic of Mush
Chapter 1     Thailand
Chapter 2     I love your letters
Chapter 3     Cuba
Chapter 4     Birth of Mush
Chapter 5     Oz, then
Chapter 6     Chat
Chapter 7     First sight, first sound
Chapter 8     Purga 1
Chapter 9     Reality Check
Chapter 10   The Children Issue
Chapter 11   I )i( u
Chapter 12   Time Out
Chapter 13   Mission Mush More
Chapter 14   Wolf No More

• In our communication over the net, chat and sms, )i( means ‘Mush’.
The sign looks like a butterfly, and the butterfly happens to have become a kind of logo of Mush. It all started with a flap of a butterfly... You know, the kind of butterfly which can flap its wings and start a tornado.
• Watch a little pixibook presention of the story of Mush here:
Magic of Mush

• ‘Mush’ will be available for online purchase in the near future. You can sign up for a copy here
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December 2, 2004