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| About us ...people that dream |
Who is behind this web site
Mik Aidt
Journalist and musician.
Co-author of the book 'Dreamer for life'. Director of Mild Records and Mild Productions. Editor-in-Chief of Djembe Magazine. Web editor of Home pages:
E-mail: home []

Olaf Gerlach-Hansen
President for International Association for the Study of Dreams 2008–2009 ( Owner and Managing Consultant of CuDIC – Culture, Development and International Cooperation. MA in Danish and Linguistic Psychology. Former Director of the cultural festival ‘Images’ and of the Danish Center for Culture and Development.
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| Associates |
Members of our ‘community for professional dreamers’

Deb Aidt
Co-author of the book 'Mail that dream'.

Pernilla Aidt
Singer. Co-owner of Dream Chalet
Home pages:

Cyril Kharoubi
Musician. Manager and co-owner of Dream Chalet

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