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Olaf Gerlach-Hansen
is president for International Association for the Study of Dreams 2008–2009 ( Owner and Managing Consultant of CuDIC – Culture, Development and International Cooperation. MA in Danish and Linguistic Psychology. Former Director of the cultural festival ‘Images’ and of the Danish Center for Culture and Development.
E-mail: olaf []

Olaf Gerlach-Hansen offers the following presentations:

‘N.F.S. Grundtvig’s Folk High School Dreams – from dreams to reality’
(‘Grundtvig og højskoledrømmen’)

The writer and clergyman N.F.S. Grundtvig (1783-1872) used dreams to integrate a mystic experience with a vision of a future educational system. For Grundtvig dreams became the source of both spiritual and artistic innovation, educational and societal reform. The centre piece in Grundtvigs dreams is his ”Folk High School Dreams”. His vision is today praised as the Nordic tradition of “learning for life”, e.g. in the EU programme Grundtvig.

Length: 1 hour, option of additional two hours including music/video and groups/discussion.

Equipment: Powerpoint/computer, music/cd, tentatively video

Drømme har været et tema i dansk og nordisk litteratur fra vikingetiden til i dag. N.F.S. Grundtvig (1783-1872) byggede på traditionen. Grundtvigs vision om højskolen udviklede sig fra mystiske visioner og prækognitive lucide drømme til politiske kampskrifter for til sidst at blive realiseret.

Grundtvigs højskoletanker har i dag givet navn til Grundtvig, et af EU’s programmer (om livslang læring/voksenundervisning) og har bragt han i familie med de største navne i Europas kulturhistorie, som eksempelvis Sokrates og Leonardo.
History of this presentation |

First presented at the at the conference ‘Dreams and Culture’ 2nd conference of the Nordic and Northern European Network for the Study of Dreams at Bishop Grosseteste College in Lincoln, United Kingdom, 7-9 September, 2007.
In Denmark ‘Grundtvig og højskoledrømmen’ had its premiere on 6 October 2007, in Copenhagen, Denmark, at the conference entitled ‘The reality of the dreams’.

‘Dreams and Danish History of Literature’
(‘Drømme og dansk litteraturhistorie’)

Dreams are an important theme in Danish literature and texts from the Viking Age until today, which over the years have tended to have shifting functions. In the Viking and Middle Age dreams confirmed a religious-spiritual deterministic worldview as seen in the Sagas and many other texts. A few folkloric texts however does give dreams and dream incubation a function in choosing ones destiny. The Romantic Periode starting with Oehlenschlægers ‘Poems 1803’ took the dream to be the finest inspirational source for the Genius, the artist and the spiritual experience.
For N.F.S. Grundtvig it became the source of both spiritual, artistic, educational and societal reform. Hans Christian Andersen, Karen Blixen and today contemporary writers such as world famous Peter Høeg ( ‘Smillas Sense of Snow’), Susanne Brøgger, Henrik Nordbrandt and many other creative thinkers in Denmark also credit much of their creativity to dreams

Length: One hour – and optional further one-two hours for readings, discussions in groups and plenary.

Equipment: Computer (power point) and music/CD.
| History of this presentation |

First presented at the 24th Conference of the International Association of the Study of Dreams at the Sonoma State University, California, USA.

‘Dreams crossing scientific, cultural and religious boundaries’

The study of dreams and dreaming can be a very important tool for the dialogue of cultures, for dialogue between people and for personal development. Dreams are a universal phenomena shared by humans across time and space, across history and cultures. Dreams express common human values as well as the vast and rich diversity of human creativity and expression. At the same time some practices related to dreams and dreaming also challenge an ethics of dreams of dreaming and the universal human rights.

Length: One hour – and option of 15 minutes to two hours for discussion and/or groups.

Equipment: Computer (power point) and video.
| History of this presentation |

The presentation is a revision of the presentation ‘Dreams and the Millenium Goals’ made at the 22nd Conference of the International Association of the Study of Dreams in Berkeley, California, USA.

‘The International and Interdisciplinary Cooperation on the Study of Dreams’

This is a presentation of the interdisciplinay and international study of dreams. It includes a presentation of the history of the study of dreams as well of the contemporary study of dreams worldwide. It does give an introduction to the work of the International Assocation of the Study of Dreams (, which publishes the worlds only scientific journal on the study of dreams ‘Dreaming’, as well as a range of other activities fostering interdisciplinary and international cooperation and perspectives in the study of dreams.

Length: One hour – and option of up to one hour for further reflection and discussion in groups or plenary.

Equipment: Computer (powerpoint)
| History of this presentation |

This is a new presentation based on an address to be made at the 25th Conference of the International Assocation of the Study of Dreams (IASD) in Montreal, Canada. The presenter is president of IASD.

To order one of these lectures, presentations or workshops, send a request to: olaf []

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