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| Our dreams |
Our visions and goals for the near future

One of our visions for the near future is to establish the first full-time School for Dreamers in Denmark. It could be called ‘The Danish Dreamer School’... or ‘Copenhagen School of Dreams and Creativity’.

The aim of this school is to prepare us for the future. To teach us how to become aware of our dreams, to formulate and express them, and at times to turn them into reality.

To explore the basic questions: What does it take to create your own life? And what does it take to create a good and exciting life? – also in 20 years from now.

A place which takes Grundtvig's almost 200 years old idea of the folk high school into the 21st century.

| Three ‘rooms’ |

The school has three “rooms”, where the scholars work on three different dimensions of dreaming:

1) To dream
The laboratory.
Body, psyche and spirit. "The inner gold". Theory as well as practical exercises in psychology, spirituality and consciousness.

2) To fold out a dream
The atelier and play room
Artistic explorations. Creation of new.

3) Dreaming for a living
The editorial room
Communication, networking, expression of a message. Training of the “I”. The transparant human being.

The school is like an ongoing conference – it is a learning place for the teachers as well. On regular basis, new ideas and findings are published.

The aim of the school is, in a truly global and multicultural context, to create new connections between already known knowledge – and new understandings of the unknown.

The initiatives we take and activities we organise – seminars, workshops, presentations, etc. – are all steps that take us in the direction of fulfilling this vision.

knows that the power of his or her dream will itself draw it into reality...

This page was last updated on 14 October 2007