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Find din passion på 4 uger
By Pernille Melsted (in Danish language). Published by Pretty Ink in August 2006, printed in fourth edition.
304 pages, DKK 249. ISBN: 87-91603-23-4.

Dreamer for life
A book about love and dreams based on a true story: ‘E-mail fantasies turned into a life-changing experience, and dreaming became their life.’ To be published in 2008.
The book will have one, possibly two, CD-albums enclosed. One is the album ‘Songs that dream’, which was published by Mild Records in December 2007, the other is an instrumental music album by the duo Travelog.

| Articles |

Article about creativity and dreams:
I dreamt an idea last night”

Can we get more original ideas and become more creative by listening to our nightly dreams? The founders of a new association think that the study of dreams should be curriculum in any Danish primary school

Text by Mik Aidt    •    Illustrations by Dorte Karstensen

NB: The article is in Danish

It was printed in the magazine Samvirke, in September 2005 (in a shorter version)

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2. Article about children, dreams and education
The dreams into the class room. United dream-enthusiasts

3. Article about dreams and creativity
Listen to your dreams
History is full of examples of inventions, novels, art pieces and songs which were concieved in the subconscious while their authors were sleeping. Can we become better at using our dreams creatively?

4. Article the history of dream science
Dream reserach – then and now

NB: All articles mentioned above are in Danish
Text by Mik Aidt   

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Article (in Danish language) with advice about how to make your dreams come true:
Fra drøm til virkelighed”

By Pernille Melsted

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